Tactical Outdoor Shower / Utomhusdusch

Är en innovativ tvättlösning.
Om du befinner dig i en situation där det saknas vatten eller tvättmöjligheter är det en perfekt och enkel lösning.
Hudvänlig, icke-sensibiliserande och fritt från konserveringsmedel.

Innehåller panthenol vilket även gör den lämplig för rengöring av mindre sår.

Allt du behöver är 10ml vatten.
Tillsätt bara vatten i påsen, pressa några gånger och börja duscha.

I paketet hittar du två tvättdukar, en för överkroppen och en för underkroppen.
Behöver inte eftersköljas.
Din hud kommer att vara ren och återfuktad.

Innehåller: Sodium cocoyl Isethionate, Panthenol, Doft.
Tvättduk: Polyuretanskum


Outdoor shower

Outdoor Shower is an innovative outdoor washing solution. If you are in a situation where is a lack of water or any washing opportunity, it is a perfect and easy solution. It is skin friendly, non-sensitizing and free of preservatives. The product includes panthenol making it suitable for using also for cleaning smaller skin scrapes or cuts.
All you need is 10ml of water. Just add water in the pouch, squeeze couple of times and start your shower. In the package you will find 2 clothes, one for upper body and other for lower body. It doesn´t need rinsing. Your skin will be clean and moisturized.

Includes: Sodium cocoyl Isethionate, Panthenol, Fragrance.

Cloths: Polyurethane Foam

• Manufacturer: Tactical Foodpack
• Country of origin: Estonia
• EAN: 4744698012063
• Taric: 33072000
• Order number: TF0054


Tactical Foodpack

Tactical Solution OÜ is an Estonian company specializing in freeze-dried food. The concept was born from the needs of the Special Forces for lightweight and high-energy food packs that are quick and easy to use, taste good, and provide a long shelf-life. For these requirements, they created the Tactical Foodpack product line with a very long shelf-life but no added preservatives or flavor enhancers. The company is guided by the Special Forces principle: “Don’t fuck with the food!” Their products are used by Special Forces in numerous countries. In addition to the military, they are also perfect for hikers, hunters, sailors, mountain climbers, extreme sports athletes, and anyone who pursues an active lifestyle.      
Tactical Foodpack
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