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Lätta och slitstarka PU stövlar för lantbruk.
Mycket motståndskraftiga mot gödsel, urin, olja och animaliskt fett.

Bekina Agrilite yrkesstövel är nyutvecklade "gummistövel" tillverkad i PU med modern design. Lämpar sig utmärkt för lantbruk, veterinärstationer, trädgårdsskötsel och skogsbruk.

Resistent mot:
• Oljor, fetter, gödsel och olika rengöringsprodukter

Lightweight and durable PU boots for agriculture.
Highly resistant to manure, urine, oil and animal fats.

Bekina Agrilite professional boot is a newly developed "rubber boot" made of PU with a modern design. Excellent for agriculture, veterinary stations, gardening and forestry.

• Brand: Bekina
• Model: Agrilite P210
• Color: Green / Black
• Size: EU 38
• Gender: Women
• Approvals: CE, DIN & ISO 20347: 2012 O4 SRC CI
• Manufacturer P.O: P210 / 9180P171
• EAN: 5412684013880
• Sweden Retailer Price: SEK 895

• Polyurethane upper
• Nylon lining
• Polyurethane outsole
• Feather light 40% lighter than rubber or PVC boots
• Heat-insulating warm feet in winter and cool in summer
• Thermo-insulating to -20 ° C
• Newly developed sole pattern that gives a fantastic grip
• Sweat-absorbent insole
• Durable 3x longer than traditional materials
• Self-cleaning sole profile
• 3-layer anti-infection
• Shock absorbing

Resistant to:
• Oils, fats, fertilizers and various cleaning products

Polyurethane and rubber are two common materials used in the manufacturing industry. From bushings and gaskets to tires and boots, you will find a variety of products made from these materials. But polyurethane is not the same as rubber. Although both materials offer a high level of elasticity and protection against water penetration, they are not necessarily the same.

What is polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a synthetic material that was first developed by the German chemist Otto Bayer in the late 1930s. It consists of organic compounds that are linked to carbamate links. Also known as urethane links, the carbamate links play an important role in the properties of polyurethane, as they affect the material's level of flexibility and elasticity.

What is rubber?
There are two types of rubber: natural (organic) and synthetic. The former is made of latex harvested from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), while the latter is made from various synthesized by-products from petroleum. In terms of popularity, synthetic rubber is more popular than natural rubber. Statistics show that about two thirds of the world's annual rubber production consists of synthetic rubber, while only one third consists of natural rubber.

The benefits of polyurethane
Polyurethane has a much longer durability than rubber, especially in applications where it is constantly stretched or otherwise exposed to stress. Both rubber and polyurethane are elastic and flexible. However, polyurethane can withstand significantly more cycles of repeated stretching than its counterpart, due to its carbamate linkages. Polyurethane increases service life when used in the manufacture of tires, shoes or boots. Rubber is also long-lasting, but has a tendency to break down more quickly during repeated stretches or stresses.


• Condition: New with tags
• Manufacturer: Bekina
• Order Number: SK00101-38

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