Med överlevnadskniven Jungle II är du väl förberedd på ditt nästa äventyr.
Det 21,5 cm långa bladet har en tandad kant och kan användas som såg.
I handtaget finns kompass, tändstickor, fiskekrok, fiskesnöre, plåster och snöre.
I etuiet finns ett fack med en extra kniv / multiverktyg, belt cutter och öppnare, en latexslang med olika användningsområden t.ex. slangbell, det finns även ett handtag för latexslangen.
På baksidan finns det måttenheter och en signalspegel.

With the survival knife Jungle II you are well prepared for the next outdoor tour.
Supplied with a large accessory set as survival equipment, which is located in the handle of the knife or in the knife sheath.
The 21.5cm long blade has a serrated edge and a saw back. In the handle there is a compass, matches, fishing hook, fishing line, plaster and a cord. In the additional compartment in the knife sheath there is a multitool with knife, belt cutter and opener, a latex hose for binding or for a sling and a handle for a sling. There are units of measurement and a signal mirror on the back of the compartment.

• Blade with serrated edge and saw back
• Metal cross-guard with 2 holes
• structured, grooved aluminum handle with screw cap and cord
• Survival equipment under control:
• Compass, matches, fishing hook, fishing line, plaster, cord
• Additional compartment in the sheath with multitool (knife, belt cutter, opener, etc.)
• Latex hose for binding or for slingshot
• Plastic basket for slingshot
• Back of the compartment with units and signal mirror
• Plastic sheath with fold-out limbs for the sling
• Cord wrapping
• Polyester belt attachment with snap fasteners
• Total length: approx. 35 cm
• Blade: approx. 21.5 cm
• Weight knife: approx. 460 g
• Weight with scabbard: approx. 780 g

ATTENTION: You must be over 18 to buy!

• Condition: New
• Color: Black / Olive
• Manufacturer: MFH, Germany
• Order Number: MF44143


MFH Germany

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MFH Germany
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