The legendary HK MP5 with revised Gearbox and Dual Power System, up to 1000 shots / min. This Airsoft gun can either be operated with a rechargeable battery or be charged by hand on the cocking lever. The Electronic Blow Back makes a more realistic shooting experience. Through the sliding shaft, the MP5 can be customized to the game needs. The delivery includes a matching battery and a charger.

The submachine gun was made mostly from a durable polymer and additionally reinforced with metal elements. Metal parts include: iron sights, internal barrel, magazine release button, trigger, tactical sling swivels and stock. The battery is stored in the forward grip.

The submachine gun has a fire mode selector, which can be set in one of three positions: safe (cannot fire), semi-automatic and full-auto.

A light (1370g with a battery and loaded magazine) and handy (short, the stock is adjustable in length) submachine gun that is ideal as a back-up gun or a CQB weapon. The gun features a dual power supply system – it can be powered by the included battery or operate by manually pulling the spring (via a pull of the bolt towards the stock). Apart from that, the submachine gun features an electric Blowback (mobile bolt) that provides an additional dose of realism during usage. As in the original the rear sight has four-step regulation. The submachine gun allows for full-auto fire with 1000 shots per minute reaction time of 0.2 of a second from the squeeze of the trigger to the first shot. In addition, the gun has an adjustable Hop-Up system which can increase the range of the gun by giving the BBs a spin. Hop-up adjustment is done via a slide located on the receiver.

The submachine gun also comes with a capacious and simple in use, hi-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 200 BBs.

The set includes:
• MP5 A5 EBB Airsoft Submachine Gunica
• Magazine
• Battery
• Charger for the battery
• Test BB pack
• Manual
• Additional safety from accidental fire

• Name: MP5 A5 EBB Submachine Gun
• Series: MP5
• Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
• Battery included: Yes
• Battery Voltage: 7,2 V
• Blow Back: Yes
• Gearbox version: Special Gearbox
• Rate of fire up to 1000 rounds / minute
• Hop-Up: Adjustable
• Inner barrel length: 220 mm
• Length: 500/650 mm
• Licensed Gun: Heckler-Koch
• Made of: Metal + Polymer
• Magazine capacity: 200 pcs BB
• Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
• Propulsion / Powered by: Electric
• Type of fire: Auto
• Velocity: 230 FPS
• Weight: 1370 g
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• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Umarex (Heckler-Koch)
• Order Number: AIR1022



Umarex is one of the most recognizable brands among all airsoft enthusiasts (and not just them!), and has been for years. The company also manufactures airguns and self-defense accessories. In its offer you will even find signal pistols, rubber bullet weapons and telescopic batons. What Umarex is most famous for is high-quality equipment and well-reproduced weapon replicas. If you are looking for proven, reliable (and very realistic) models of airsoft guns - Umarex is the right way to go! The history of Umarex The phrase "German quality" is very true in the case of the Umarex company, because, as you probably already guessed, they’re a German manufacturer of various types of weapons. They started out in 1972 - in the German town of Arnsberg. Initially, they mainly dealt with gas and signal guns, but as the company grew, Umarex also entered new markets. They also started to produce airguns and, thanks to the acquisition of the Carl Walther company, firearms were also added to the company's portfolio. The Walther brand had brought them luck before. Umarex became recognizable thanks to the perfectly made Walther PPK airsoft gun, which premiered in 1978. Importing airsoft guns from China was of great importance for the company's development. Umarex became the largest importer of airguns, which gave it a significant advantage over its competitors. Another breakthrough moment for the company was the introduction of the Sherlock Holmes set, which consisted of a magnifying glass, a flare, and a blank cartridge revolver. The whole kit was packed in a book-like box, which, of course, was adorned with the image of Sherlock Holmes himself. This kit sold 80,000 units a year, which allowed the company to expand its production and contributed even more to its publicity. Today, Umarex is still the largest manufacturer of weapons in the world, with airsoft guns being one of their prime, focus products. The most famous Umarex products Umarex is still engaged in the production of various types of weapons, but that’s not the whole scope of their range of products. Its offer also includes accessories such as holsters and optical accessories, as well as tactical equipment. However, we will mainly focus on airsoft guns. It is worth mentioning here that the company holds licenses for the most popular models of firearms. What does it mean? They can use the original markings of firearms manufacturers on they products, and you, in turn, can count on great realism and accurate reproduction of real weapons. Licensed airsoft guns by Umarex If you are fans of iconic brands and their famous firearms models, Umarex offers you their airsoft gun versions. You can also equip them immediately with branded accessories, making them perform even better at shooting ranges or in airsoft battles. This is not their only use. Due to the great imitation of the appearance of real weapon models in airsoft guns, they also work well in historical reenactments and can make a great addition to your weapon collection. HK416 airsoft rifle The Umarex company is definitely a leader when it comes to reproducing Heckler and Koch carbines, especially the 416 and 417 models. The 416 version is a very popular weapon, used, among others, by Polish uniformed forces. Its ASG versions are made mostly using metal, with just a few synthetic additions. The HK416 is an electric airsoft gun, with high performance specs, making it a great fit for both outdoors and indoors operations. The adjustable stock makes it very handy and functional. Beretta 92A1 Tactical airsoft gun Beretta is a weapon manufacturer with an incredibly long history (dating back to the 16th century!), with many iconic pistols and other types of weapons in its portfolio. Umarex offers airsoft gun versions of a few of those, one example being the 92A1 Tactical model, which includes a dedicated sound suppressor. This model is an alectric airsoft gun, featuring both single and continuous fire modes. Perfect for CQB games or as a backup airsoft gun. Glock 17 airsoft gun Glock is another iconic brand that Umarex offers in its range of airsoft guns. For example, they’ve provided their client base with the airsoft version of the famous Glock 17, powered by CO2. Its muzzle velocity is reasonable, however, so you can use this model for indoor engagements. For even greater realism, it was equipped with the Blow Back system. Walther PPQ HME airsoft gun The company also offers spring airsoft guns, as evidenced by this airsoft gun model, originating from another famous German brand. The Walther PPQ HME is made of metal, which is quite unusual in the case of airsoft pistols, usually manufactured using synthetics. This increases its durability, and the gun certainly looks realistic. It features only single fire mode, making it a perfect for the shooting range or as a backup airsoft gun. Elite Force Racegun airsoft gun To wrap things up, we have a model for you that is more suited for professional use than recreational shooting. This is an airsoft pistol from the Elite Force product range, designed for dynamic AIPSC shooting. This means it’s extremely effective and allows quick reactions. It is equipped with elements and features typical of sporting weapons. It is a durable, high-quality, high-power gas airsoft gun, with professional sights and a perfectly reproduced appearance, as well as operation faithfully imitating a firearm. Which products and airsoft guns from Umarex are especially recommendable? Umarex is the largest manufacturer of airsoft guns in the world, famous for years for the high quality of its products: both airsoft guns and other accessories. Choosing this brand is always a great decision. Their wide range of airsoft guns means that every militaria enthusiast is guaranteed to find gear to their liking. However, remember to choose gear according to the specifics of the engagements it will be used in. Pistols will serve best as backup airsoft guns and will come in handy in CQB scenarios. Compact airsoft rifles and submachine guns will also work just fine in indoor operations, but their range means they’ll work over long distances too. Also, don't forget about accessories and tactical equipment. You can set up your whole loadout with Umarex!        
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