Jackan består av 2 jackor: ytterjacka med militär look och innerjackan, som är en värmejacka.

Inspirerad av den amerikanska militärens M-1965 field jacket. För att ge jackan en rå look är tyget stentvättat och det finns flera detaljer som t.ex. namnskylt, slitdetaljer och reparationssömmar. Jackan har 4 rymliga fickor på framsidan som stängs med tryckknappar och 2 handvärmarfickor. Jackan har dold huva i kragen. Ärmarna är rymliga och har extra längd. Passformen kan justeras med dragsko i midjan och i nederkant.
Storleken på jackan är tillpassad så att den ska kunna bäras med värmejackan som foder. När ytterjackan används utan värmejackan passar den bra i mildare temperaturer (vår, sommar, höst).

Har plyschat foder i bålen och slätt polyester-foder i ärmarna, så den är lätt att ta av och på. Dessutom är jackan vadderad. Kragen har mjuk ribbstickning. Jackan kan spännas in i nederkant. Den täta polyestern låser effektivt vinden ute och är vattenskyddande. Värmejackan har inga fickor. När värmejackan används som foder i ytterjackan, knäpps ärmarna med tryckknappar, baksidan av kragen knäpps fast med knappar och blixtlåset görs fast i ytterjackan. Värmejackan kan bäras som en självständig jacka. När värmejackan används som foder för ytterjackan, blir Giant-jackan en vinterjacka.

• 4 fickor med knäppning på framsidan
• Avtagbart foder,
• Dragsko i midjan och i nederkant på jackan
• Gömd huva i kragen
• Mässingblixtlås och vindslå

Ytterjacka: 100% bomullsfoder: 100% polyester, huva: 100% bomull, avtagbart foder: 100% polyester, foder: 100% polyester, resår: 80% polyakryl, 20% polyester, fyllmedel: 100% polyester – innehåller ej textildelar av animaliskt ursprung

The jacket consists of 2 jackets: outer jacket with a military look and the inner jacket, which is a warm jacket.

Outer jacket:
Inspired by the US military's M-1965 field jacket. To give the jacket a raw look, the fabric is stonewashed and there are several details such as. nameplate, wear details and repair seams. The jacket has 4 spacious pockets on the front that close with snaps and 2 hand warmer pockets. The jacket has a hidden hood in the collar. The sleeves are spacious and have extra length. The fit can be adjusted with a drawstring at the waist and at the bottom.
The size of the jacket is adapted so that it can be worn with the warm jacket as lining. When the outer jacket is used without the heating jacket, it fits well in milder temperatures (spring, summer, autumn).

Heating jacket:
Has plush lining in the torso and smooth polyester lining in the sleeves, so it is easy to take off and on. In addition, the jacket is padded. The collar has soft rib knitting. The jacket can be fastened at the bottom. The dense polyester effectively locks the wind out and is waterproof. The heating jacket has no pockets. When the heating jacket is used as lining in the outer jacket, the sleeves are fastened with snaps, the back of the collar is fastened with buttons and the zipper is fastened in the outer jacket. The warm jacket can be worn as an independent jacket. When the warm jacket is used as lining for the outer jacket, the Giant jacket becomes a winter jacket.

• 4 pockets with buttoning on the front
• Detachable lining
• Drawstring at the waist and at the bottom of the jacket
• Hidden hood in the collar
• Brass zipper and windbreak

Outer jacket: 100% cotton lining: 100% polyester, hood: 100% cotton, removable lining: 100% polyester, lining: 100% polyester, elastic: 80% polyacrylic, 20% polyester, filler: 100% polyester – does not contain animal textile parts origin

• Size: Large
• Color: Swedish Camo M90
• Brand: Brandit
• Gender: MEN
• Weight: 1970g
• Country of origin: China

• Condition: Brand New
• Order Number: 3101-125-L



Quality, Functionality, Design - The all-rounder Brandit Brandit knows how to convince its customers in all product areas. The clothing from the company located in Cologne, Germany is equally impressive in terms of quality and functionality, without sacrificing the stylish look. The Brandit product range now goes far beyond Clothing. It‘s Backpacks, Pouches and Boots complete the range and provide users with a variety of useful gear and accessories. By us you can find different product lines from Brandit: Whether in plain plain colors or in a striking camo pattern - we have something to suit every taste in our Brandit range! Love it. Wear it. Brandit. Brandit knows how to combine everyday function with trendy fashion. In addition to clothing with a classic military design or casual look, the manufacturer also impresses with a large selection of everyday footwear and practical backpacks. Brandit however also knows how to convince in terms of price / performance: thanks to individual design paired with a combination of urban and vintage features, the products are not only up to date, but also leave nothing to be desired in terms of functionality and comfort. The cool used look and various details are among the central stylistic features of Brandit and hit the bull's eye for everyone who does not want to go main stream! Brandit is the ideal companion through everyday life for all those who not only want to look good, but also put great importance to functionality and durability! Everything from a single source - the production of your Brandit products Brandit places extremely high quality standards on themselves and their products. The products are optimized down to the smallest detail in order to guarantee its users maximum functionality combined with outstanding durability. All Brandit products are manufactured in the partner factories in China. Personal contacts and the fact that Brandit helped shape the production processes right from the start ensure a consistent quality standard. For the motivation of the production staff and from ethical aspects, Brandit places extremely high value on fair working conditions and compliance with social standards. Brandit's corporate policy is reflected in the products: clothing and equipment that is thought through down to the smallest detail. Clothing and equipment that everyone in the company can identify with, which convinces numerous customers in terms of design, functionality and quality.        
Vikt 2001 g



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